Sunday, October 09, 2005

1. SerandEz 2. Michelle Malkin

This is a self-serving ego post. But it's a rare day when I 'rank' ahead of Michelle Malkin in anything... let alone the whole blogosphere. I clicked on TTLB's topics page, and chose "Israel" - and lo and behold, I was ranked #1!! This is probably due to last week's Haveil Havalim... but I'll take it! :)

1. blog details page SerandEz
2. blog details page Michelle Malkin
3. blog details page Wampum
4. blog details page Harry's Place
5. blog details page Suburban Guerrilla
6. blog details page The Head Heeb
7. blog details page baldilocks
8. blog details page Zaphod's Heads
9. blog details page GayandRight
10. blog details page Desde Sefarad
To add to the ego boost, I'm going to put this in Ian Schwartz's open Trackback, too. Hmph!

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  1. pretty cool stuff and a major ego boost to boot!

  2. Thanks! I liked your IM about my sitemeter visits - 'I have a friend who's a world reknowned blogger!'

    Yes, this a bigtime ego post. :) It's not why I blog, but it's fun once in a while anyway!

    (To all those who now think, "Wow, is he pompous or what!" - sorry. It's 215am and I'm having a little fun while my wife is watching Nip/Tuck at her friend. Can anyone explain why people want to watch that?!)

  3. I believe you are correct. That ranking seems to be based on incoming links. And hosting HH means that a number of people will link to you.
    Gmar Tov!