Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bye-Bye, LA...

After a wonderful, relaxing week in LA, Ser, Kickboxer, and I are returning back to New Yuck. Apparently, I've completely missed the news the past couple of days, including the White Sox winning the World Series, Miers withdrawing her nomination, and my own tying for the win in my NFL Pool. (Bad, okay, good...)

Ushpizin update: Kickboxer (who we convinced last week to join us in LA for a few days) joined us Sunday, and watched Ushpizin - was completely drawn in by the movie, and really liked it. It's apparently showing in some areas of New York as well as here in LA, and the actress (Rand's wife) had never acted before in her life - not as I wrote in the last post.

LA update: Went to Ventura on Monday afternoon and walked around - got a ticket for a meter that had expired - even though 20 minutes earlier it had said 1:39. More on that (and the rude police officer) later. Ventura was nice/cute; last night we drove around with my good friend PhotoMan [he's an incredible photographer - Heritage hired him to take pictures on one of their trips to Europe and all the concentration camps et al; one of his pictures won an award I believe], ate at Pizza World, then drove around a bit - witnessing a helicopter and cops with guns checking out a bank and then driving around Rodeo Drive and Benedict Canon before heading back. Today we are probably going to head out to Universal Walk, primarily because it's right near here and our flight is at 3:30 out of Burbank.

When we get back tonight I'll hopefully be able to post some more substantive stuff; perhaps I'll post pictures from our trip, though I always seem to have trouble with uploading them onto Blogger... anyone know a good way of doing it? Thanks!


  1. I know this is a little belated but hhmmm....ticket - going to court?

  2. Oh, go away! :) No court for me... I'd love to contest it (it's bull), but $35 tickets from California are just not worth the hassle.