Friday, October 28, 2005

Fun On 76th Ave...

...unfortunately. When we got back from the airport yesterday, we walked into our apartment reeking of gas. We also heard a screech of tires, and then lots of yelling and noise. After calling 311, I was connected to the fire department, who sent their customary 2 trucks for a simple gas leak. However, they couldn't get up our block, which was blocked by about 4 or more police cars and ten or more officers who were arresting at least one person and yelling at another to "Give the keys, because this car is not going to be here one way or another. We'll tow it if we have to. Give the keys NOW!! No more games!!" Apparently, there was a very drunk driver who was chased by a number of officers, then pleading with them not to arrest him because it was some kind of holiday. Meanwhile, the firemen seemed somewhat disappointed with our little gas leak, and we had to go elsewhere for the night while our apartment aired out - no easy feat, considering most of our friends are asleep at 2 a.m. Thankfully, 24Girl and her guests figured out sleeping arrangements for us at her apartment, though we only got to sleep at about 5. Anyways, the posts I want to write continue to be delayed. Argh.

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