Monday, October 10, 2005

Bombs in Georgia

It appears everyone is blogging on this, for good reason. (Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, The Political Teen, LGF...)

Ian asks the key question:
Last week it was the suicide bomb at the University of Oklahoma and an explosive was found in Midvale, and now this. I’m hoping that this is just some copycat and not the real thing. Is anyone else scared of Arab suicide bombers in the US?
As I commented there, I addressed this last week:
I am sincerely hoping this is not the beginning of small suicide attacks along the lines of what Israel has faced for years, and as it has not yet been coined a terror attack, [EDIT: since found out to be one] perhaps I am jumping the gun. But the worry we must all face is the possibility that suicide bombings and planted bombs will come to this country, devestating our way of life in addition to the pure terror, destruction, and murder that they cause.
More importantly:
Regardless of whether this had anything to do with terrorism or not, it serves as a reminder of just how vulnerable we are to attack here in the United States.
As a side point, the bombs themselves may not even be the worst part of an attack:
Not only was there a suicide bombing just a few hundred feet from a stadium with close to 100,000 people in it (including staff), there was a second bomb found nearby - which was only detected after the first bomb had detonated. The explosion from a bomb is extremely loud. That people inside a racous stadium of Sooner fans could hear it is telling enough; imagine if the bomb had gone off inside the stadium.

I heard a Palestinian terrorist blow himself up near a bus in Israel, though I was inside a car, on a highway, with some traffic, over a half-mile away - and it was not a quiet sound. Now, place that sound in the middle of tens of thousands, and imagine the panic that would ensue immediately afterwards. Forget how many may be killed in the blast itself: Far more would be hurt or even killed in the rush for the exits, perhaps rushing right into a planted, second, bomb - a tactic often used by the Palestinians against Israelis.
And finally:
Thank God nobody was hurt, save the suicide bomber. Let us hope we learn from this instance; not from one that has far worse consequences.
How many more bombs do we need to find before action is taken? Does someone need to be killed first?

I hope not.

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  1. The real question is what are we doing to end this madness? Followed closely by what exactly prevents any dingbat with access to some basic chemicals to act out his/her sick delusions? The answer to both is not much.

  2. Exactly. (I asked precisely that in the earlier post... I should have placed a link. I will do so later.)

  3. They are similar to the Puritans in that they're kind of 'old school'... interesting comparison.

    Feel free to ramble! :)