Thursday, October 13, 2005

Meme Seven

Before I do any other blogging, I feel I must do this "7 Meme" which Krum tagged me with. (After Orthomom got him, because Steg got her...)

The line on this is...
? » Karl » Jen » Z » Mirty » Rav Fleischmann » Steg » Orthomom » Krum » Ezzie.
Before I even do it, I'm going to tag a few others to do it. Unfortunately, most of the people I would tag already have been tagged! So, I'm going to go with Jack (who never did it), Jewish BlogMeister, LifeofRubin, Shoshana, Soccer Dad, PsychoToddler (who also never did), and Ze'ev.

Okay. Now, onto the meme. (What's a meme, anyway?!)

7 things I can do:
1) Math.
2) Make Shabbos for about 20 people in less than 3 hours.
3) Help others feel special.
4) Listen.
5) Stay up for more than 48 hours*.
6) Write a 3-page essay [not double-spaced] on a topic I know nothing about in less than 45 minutes - and get an A.
7) Play, analyze, or coach football.
Bonus) Procrastinate - big time.

*69 once. Long story.
7 things I can't do:
1) Do something as soon as my wife asks me.
2) Change a diaper.
3) Sit in a boring class for more than 5 minutes without doing something else.
4) Sit without shaking my leg for more than a minute or two.
5) Remember what I wanted to ask for more than 15 seconds.
6) Drink coffee that's not in the form of a latte.*
7) Hit anyone.

*Starbucks - venti, caramel - syrup, no sauce, with whip. If iced, all same, with very little ice.
7 things I hope to do in my life:
1) Have a truly happy, healthy, God-fearing family with incredible Derech Eretz (manners). Everything else we get is just a bonus.
2) Move to Israel - before any kids are too old to adjust well.
3) Continue having guests, and adding happiness to their lives.
4) Help others as much as possible. More than I am now.
5) Be constantly better than I am.
6) Keep priorities in order.
7) Enjoy learning Torah, for an extended period of time.
7 things I say often:
1) Shocker.
2) Dude - that's crazy!
3) Check it out.*
4) Don't worry. I will/It'll get done.**
5) Wanna come over?
6) Don't worry (, dude)... I'll take care of it/It'll get done.***
7) Yah-yah.

* - usually while blogging
** - usually to my wife; it does, in the distant future
*** - to people except my wife; it does, in the not-as-distant future
Okay, y'all - now it's your turns!


  1. Love the meme! Thats great stuff:
    6) Write a 3-page essay [not double-spaced] on a topic I know nothing about in less than 45 minutes - and get an A.-that's insane!lol

  2. Hey, JBlogMan - don't laugh, you have to do this! :) OK Jack, we'll wait... Considering how often you post though... it shouldn't take too long :)

  3. hfEzzie, I noticed that you didn't include your inability to make good NFL picks...

  4. PT - lol. Ze'ev - Thanks... :) That's because I won 2 weeks earlier.