Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Does "Lakewood" Produce?...

...An interesting line of questioning over at The Artist Formerly Known As The Gadol Hador
The real problem with Lakewood is that you have a huge community of 20 and 30 something males who do nothing productive. Nothing productive for their families, nothing productive for the general society, and nothing even productive for their own Jewish community, or the Jewish community at large. All this has been said many times....But most amazingly of all,...there are thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people sitting in Kollel (all over the world, not just in Lakewood of course), and what are they all producing? Are there any great chiddushim coming out of all this learning? Any major new theologies? Anything at all of any interest or relevance?...What famous sefer or chiddush can anyone recall from the last 20 years from the Kollel world? Anything?
I do not agree completely with the entire train of thought, I do not believe Torah learning is 100% valued by the "ends".

However there is what to be said for the thought process behind his argument, in my opinion.