Monday, August 25, 2008

Not Exactly Change

I've been debating what and how to say what I think of the choice by Barack Obama to name Joe Biden his Vice Presidential candidate. I think it's got to be the worst choice if you're voting Obama, and the best if you're voting McCain. That the GOP is more excited than the Democrats about the pick is very telling. Chaim sums up the reasons nicely - check out the whole post:
In 2007 he said he DOES NOT want to be Vice President. He said he has NO DESIRE TO BE Vice President. ... The same year he also said that Obama was not fit for President and during these times we are not able to have to settle with someone who is gonna get on the job training. He said this repeatedly and was even asked to confirm at a debate in front of Obama’s face and he said he still agrees with it.

This pick burns his bridges with Clinton supporters. ...When you chose a Vice President you are choosing someone who can possibly be [sic] President if something happens to you. This means that to Hillary supporters Obama is saying that he thinks Biden would be a better President then Hillary. Joe Biden barely got 8,000 votes throughout his entire primary run! ...

Republicans are dancing in the street. The love that Biden has shown McCain for years is gonna hurt Obama. Biden has said tons of nice things about McCain including a few years ago that he loves McCain, he supports him, he’d even RUN with him! ...

Another great thing is this message of “Change”, apparently Obama thinks Change is a guy who has been sitting in Washington in the Senate for 35 years! Biden is the very definition of old dog, old washington politics. This guy is the poster child for business as usual back room politics.

I’ve got more, this pick is terrible because he picked someone who supposedly does well in places where Obama doesn’t. He has longtime experience and a good record on Foreign Policy. Why is that bad? Easy, because he picked someone who very clearly highlights his own faults and just like the Democrats will all remind us, Vice Presidents don’t matter. So what good does it do his voters to learn that in the places where he lacks, his Vice President makes up. Who cares? Biden isn’t running for PRESIDENT!
I'll make one note on that last part: It's fine to have a VP who complements where the President lacks, so long as those deficiencies are in areas that are less important or don't need instant decisions. In that vein, it is more important that a President have a good grasp on foreign policy, war, and the like than long-term economic decisions, even as that is possibly more important in general most of the time.

Also, courtesy of DGEsq, check out Obama's face as Biden calls him not ready to be President in a debate.