Friday, August 15, 2008

Bio: Da Kirsch

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As people may have noticed, to the right is a list of contributors to this blog. On each drop down, there is a line for "Bio". This is the first of those Bios, which will hopefully give a slightly better understanding of each contributor.

Da Kirsch is - whether purposely or not - one of the funnier people I've met. We actually met briefly in Israel, when my CafeNet football team throttled his Melech HaFelafel team (and their league-leading offense) 19-7, but we didn't really know each other until we were studying in Lander College together. Or, more accurately, he played a lot of Madden, and I... well, I did something, anyway.

Da Kirsch is a marketing management major who somehow graduated despite spending most of his time playing video games and listening to sports. You've never seen someone read mock drafts years in advance so religiously until you've met him, and if you ever want to know the 40 times of your team's 5th-rounder, he's the man to ask. Though his dream is to be a video game tester for EA Sports, he currently manages an upscale kosher restaurant in Monsey. Da Kirsch lives in New Jersey.