Sunday, August 17, 2008

Best Lines From Shabbos - BBT/SerandEz Shabbaton Version

Special Ed: Erachet, I saw a crazy old guy today and I thought of you.
Everyone: ...?

[In a conversation where the word 'molecularly' was used...]
Ezzie [to Bad4]: Is molecularly even a word?
Special Ed: I'm no Scientologist, but I'm pretty sure it's a word.
[Everyone laughs]
Special Ed: Yes! I'm on a roll! You've gotta know when to use it! You have to know the right time to use the line! You've got to use it the right way!

[Elianna commandeers the double stroller and walks with it across the room. Corner Point chases her down and turns the stroller around]
Ezzie: Kayla in there?!
Everyone else: [staring] You're holding her!

Serach: Who was that guy who was sitting across the street from...?
Ezzie: ...across the table?
Serach: Who was that guy who was sitting across the street...?
Ezzie: You did it again!!!

RaggedyMom [to MordyS]: So, you're a firefighter? We once had a garbage collector come to us for Shabbos.
MordyS: Are you comparing firefighters to garbage collectors?!
RaggedyMom: ...Yes.

[During "Apples to Apples," Erachet is judge of the word 'flirtatious.' She looks at the cards and exclaims]
Erachet: Firefighters?! Firefighters aren't flirtatious!!!
Ezzie: [Looks meaningfully at MordyS]
MordyS [half asleep]: Wait, what? Did someone just say something about firefighters?

Ezzie: I'm debating whether or not to make Erachet really self-conscious right now.
[Pause. Erachet glares at Ezzie and starts slinking under the table]
Special Ed: Well, that worked!

[SJ, Bad4, Corner Point, Erachet, Apple, Special Ed, and Serach cluster around Jameel, listening with rapt attention]
Steve of Webads turns to Ezzie: He was never this popular with the girls at NCSY!

Jameel: I'm Jameel.
Princess D'Tiara: I'm Princess D'Tiara.
Serach [inserts herself into the circle]: I'm DovBear!

P.S. Kayla has selected her future career: she wants to be a pirate. CornerPoint, Bad4, Erachet, and SJ determined that her pirate name will be "Nobeard Pinksock." Or alternatively, "Pinkbeard Nosock." She is currently accepting applications for a First Mate.