Friday, August 01, 2008

Shabbos in Teaneck

This one's for B. :)

We're in the wonderful world of Teaneck for Shabbos at our good friends B & JB. In case people didn't realize how hard it is to travel with two children, here's the packing list for Shabbos-part of Sunday:
  • One suitcase with all our clothes that don't go on hangers, phone chargers, our toiletries, brushes, et al
  • Suit, shirt (sometimes I fold it), and a skirt of Serach's on hangers
  • Bag with wipes, diaper cloths, bibs, etc. - anything that doesn't fit in the...
  • Diaper bag with diapers for two kids and some other kid stuff
  • Snap 'n go base for Kayla
  • Elianna's blanket, Kayla's blanket
  • Pack 'n play for Elianna to sleep in (Kayla will sleep in her Snap 'n go carseat, which is also obviously being brought)
  • Shaitel box {snort} [sometimes Ser wears it to save space]
  • Bouncy seat [nice one, folds well at least] and the bar/cover for it
And of course, parking in Teaneck is even worse than KGH on an Erev Shabbos...

...but, once in a while, it's nice to get away and see friends. :)