Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Browns vs. Jets, 50 yard line... Want 'em?

A friend and I own a pair of Cleveland Browns' season tickets - great ones, too, in Section 509 (Row 22), which is right on the 50-yard line. It's got an amazing angle for the whole game - high enough to watch running plays develop, right in the middle of the field, new stadium design so it's not set back far, etc. We've had them for a few years - they're not as good as the seats my Dad splits with G's uncle (4th row behind the Browns' bench at the 50!), but then again, no seats really are. Tomorrow night, the Browns kick off the preseason against the New York Jets (you know, the team that plays in New Jersey, as opposed to the other one that does, too) in Cleveland. Our tickets didn't sell via the normal channels this time, and the game is tomorrow night.

So... if anyone wants tickets to tomorrow night's game for cheap, feel free to e-mail me. The tickets are sitting in Cleveland at the moment, and you can pick them up either in Cleveland Heights or Beachwood. The face value of the tickets are $70 apiece, but we're not expecting to get anything close to that; we'd be happily surprised to even get $70 for the pair (and willing to hear any reasonable offer). E-mail me if you're interested.

(And if anyone is interested in the Browns - Chicago Bears preseason game on August 28th, let me know.)