Monday, August 11, 2008

Slow Day Gold

It is now the end of Day Three of the Olympics, and I must say, I've found myself enjoying it far more than I recall doing so in a long time. If you have an hour, the opening ceremonies in Beijing were like nothing I've ever seen before in my life - it's well worth it just to know that you've seen the largest and perhaps best performance that's ever been put on, certainly to open an Olympics. The stadium there was designed specifically with this opening ceremony in mind - think about that.

What is most interesting is what constitutes an Olympic sport. Certainly it doesn't go by how riveting a sport is (I mean, really - equesterian!? What the heck is "dressing"?!), nor should it. But it is certainly fantastic to watch athletic feats and skills, even in sports a person doesn't particularly care about: Archery, for example, or fencing, or even (oddly) badminton. The men's 400M relay in swimming was incredible to watch.

What are the strangest sports in the Olympics, and should they be Olympic sports? And what isn't there that should be? (Baseball? Cricket?)