Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Running to Help, Too

Bas~Melech, after much agonizing, has decided to run for Chai Lifeline, too. She has a close connection to Chai Lifeline, so it means something a little different to her:
As you may know, I spent several summers volunteering at Camp Simcha and Simcha Special, the one-of-a-kind retreats for seriously ill Jewish children. The kids and staff are so amazing that every year I am inspired to go further in my efforts to join them in putting smiles back where they belong.

In fact, this year I've committed to go quite a few miles further than before -- I'll be joining Team Lifeline in the ING Miami half-marathon this January, iy"H. This way, not only do I go the distance for our kids, but I'm giving you all the opportunity to participate. I'll do the sweating, but please help out by sponsoring! To donate, follow the TeamLifeline link at the end of this post.

To help you understand what's so special about this cause, and in appreciation of your generosity, I am beginning a series of posts to give you an inside peek at the Camp Simcha experience. Every account is true in that it really happened, though I have altered identifying details and sometimes changed the point of view (i.e. don't assume that "I" is me)
If you'd like to help Bas~Melech, please head to her post and access the link there. If you see the whole post, you'll see she's actually giving up a lot more than sweat and time - something that for some people can be very difficult to give up. Wish her luck, and help support her - she deserves it, and Chai Lifeline needs it!

You can also read Bad4's post on her own run, and David Linn's post on how that inspired him and his wife to run as well. Support them all!