Friday, August 22, 2008

Sharing Simcha

No, this isn't about the sheva brachos we had for Moshe last night, or the l'chaim the previous night for Pobody's Nerfect. This is about Bas~Melech's inspiring post as she starts her series on working at Camp Simcha to encourage people to support her as she runs for Chai Lifeline (which runs Camp Simcha) in their half-marathon.
I, a fortunate, healthy JAP, had always looked towards people like my new charges to remind myself that things could always be worse. How would I now address twenty adolescents, most of whom could not walk, eat, or even breathe without technological assistance, and make them feel lucky? I wanted to crawl into a hole and cry for all the pain contained within that one small room.

Feelings aside, it was time for shiur. I introduced myself and opened the discussion with a question: What makes you happy?
Read the whole thing, and of course, support her if you can.