Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"in MY backyard!?!?...

...oh, I - don't - think - so!"

"As everyone knows a committee has been established in Beitar under the auspices of the rabbinical authorities to supervise the quality of life in our community and to monitor all events in the city in order to maintain its holiness.

We know that there are families who rent out their apartments without our approval and as a result undesirable families move into our community. We are putting everyone on notice that these landlords and sellers must be revealed and publicized as disobeying the rabbis of the city. Furthermore all the expenses for canceling the contract or lease is their sole responsibility.."
For those who might say that this is strictly an "Eretz Yisroel thing", also see... VN's discussion about Lakewood Rabbonim denouncing improper rentals it the same thing? No, it is not. Is it a step in the same direction? Well...

***On the blog Daas Torah, a commenter brings up some fair points about the above situations***