Thursday, August 07, 2008

Chumras & Football

I posted yesterday about a pair of Browns' 50-yard line seats I own with a friend (still available for tonight's game, by the way), and the issue was politely raised whether this was okay to attend during the Nine Days. My mother noted that while my father was an aveil, he asked a shailah about attending a game and was told it was fine; presumably, the Nine Days would be no different (if not less of an issue).

Just for kicks, my father asked someone last night if attending tonight's game is an issue and was told that it is not an issue whatsoever: A person may attend a sporting event during the Nine Days.*

So now the question becomes... where do we get the idea come from that perhaps a person cannot or should not go to a game? Is it simply assumed that anything that smacks of "fun" is not allowed during the Nine Days?

Essentially, I'm curious if this is how most chumras start: regular people making reasonable assumptions about what is and is not allowed, and presuming that it is not - whether because they truly believe so or to be 'safe'.

* Note: May = may. It does not mean 'may, but better not to.'