Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why I Love Jews

Jameel already posted this, but just in case there are people who read SerandEz but who don't read Jameel's blog, I'm gonna post it here. Everyone should check out this blog by a Jewish guy named Barry. He's currently in Beijing working at the only Kosher restaurant there and acting as a spectator of the Olympic sports. I think he's there working for Chabad.

It's posts like these that make me really love Jews:

"Meet the Lone Shomer Shabbos Athlete in Beijing Olympic Games

August 6,2008

Bat-El Gaterer is Israel’s lone Shomer Shabbos athlete, scheduled to compete in the Taekwondo competition. Her training crew explains that while other athletes are ingesting high-protein bars for quick energy between competitions, she will be using instant soup containing high doses of MSG. Coach Noa Shmida explains that the issue of her dietary restrictions is indeed problematic since she is not eating as healthy as she feels she should, but on the other hand, she is Israel’s only athlete competing in the Taekwondo, so she must be doing something right." after hearing this i went to the supermarket and purchased a large amount of kosher protien bars and other foods. however she has yet to arrive. I HOPE TO CONTACT HER WHEN SHE ARRIVES ON THE 12

This boy doesn't even know Bat-El (and she doesn't know him) and yet he is looking out for her. I love it when Jews come together like that and take care of each other. I think it happens most when there aren't so many other Jews around, but that should change.

Also, I just love reading about a frum kid hanging around in Beijing. It's so cool!

Anyway, the blog itself is pretty interesting, especially considering the topic. So check it out!