Sunday, March 20, 2011

How I Met Serach, Part MMMMMDCCLXXV

Back when I was in Stern, a bunch of my friends were into these things called blogs. I actually didn't know this because they weren't really my friends yet, but they were about to be. I had started my own blog and was curious what other Jewish blogs were out there. I stumbled across this blog called SerandEz and thought it was okay. I started commenting for the heck of it. Then, one day, I got an email. It was from this person named Ezzie. I emailed back and we corresponded this way for a little bit until I finally got a gchat from him. I did not know if we were friends or not, or even how to be friends with an internet person. How did I know he wasn't a robot?! I tried to stay distant but he kept trying to get me to talk. Somehow, I ended up at his house for Thanksgiving.

I knew by this time that Ezzie was, in fact, a robot. I don't know if you've ever been to a robot's house, but everything in it is electronic. The robot himself just sat in front of the computer all day. Luckily, that Thanksgiving was also when I met Serach. She knew her husband was a robot, but put up with it because of her love for his wide variety of polo shirts.

And that is how I met Serach.


  1. He seems to still be wearing the same clothes in every post someone writes.

  2. ...because I'm a robot, duh!

    Great post.

    As Corner Point would attest, this is where I would normally say: