Sunday, March 20, 2011

How I Met Ezzie (And Serach) Part MMMMMDCCLXXI

One cool crisp autumn morning, SweetRose and I went to the pretzel shop (which we all sorely miss) to meet a blogger she new from the internet. Little did I know that he had just “played football”, as part of the orange team, and was in quite a state of dishevelment. Luckily I had my camera with me, and I can always look back at the time I first met Ezzie:

A few months later, after I had moved into the neighborhood, SaraK brought me with her to The Pond (aka Casa SerandEz). I met a lot of new people, and was having a lovely time hanging out with baby Elianna, when all of the sudden Serach started shouting “OH MY G-D!!!! GREY’S ANATOMY!!!” I looked at her awash with confusion and she said that she had seen these pictures on a mutual friend’s Facebook account
and couldn’t get over how I had met the cast.


  1. Thanks for the shoutout! That's right, I DID bring you to SerandEz for a Shabbas meal and that's where it all started....