Friday, March 18, 2011

EZ Reads 3/18/11

As we prepare for Shabbos and our 30-or-so person Purim seudah (don't worry, it's potluck, so we're not doing much), while also watching the NCAA Tournament (priorities, people), we still want to take a moment to congratulate our close friends FrumDoc and Moshe (and other friends as well) on their big news from yesterday. Each of them matched exactly where they had hoped to for the coming year for residency, and they deserve a huge Mazel Tov!

Some good/fun reads for Purim:
  • Harry-er with a really nice message in time for Purim.
  • He also wrote an even better piece, as heard from R' Willig, about adding to one's Judaism - wait until you've got the original stuff down pat.
  • Wolf with a really good, interesting essay on "Expunging the Kool-Aid" in one's religious beliefs. I don't know that I agree with all of it or his whole approach, but it's a very worthwhile read.
  • xkcd with a great comic on Time Management.
  • R' Slifkin with an odd page of segulos given out by his son's ganenet. Err... awkward!!
  • Finally, this is billed as "Modi & Brian decided it would be a good idea to officiate a wedding. A Big Black JEWISH Wedding!" Odd and hilarious in so many ways (that the people are black is actually not that relevant). Gets good about 1:20 in.
  • Lifehacker on how to use statistics to live forever. (Or a while, anyway.)
Chag Purim Sameach to all!!

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  1. I preffered LifeHacker's how to beat the salad bar...

    The trick lots of sun dried tomatoes and salad toppings