Wednesday, March 30, 2011

EZ Reads 3/30/11

  • Marco Rubio with a great editorial today on why he won't vote to raise the debt ceiling without significant changes to tax structures, Social Security, Medicare, and the like. I was reminded of the famous story of the old man being asked why he's planting an apple tree, and answering because his grandfather planted one so he would have it, so he is planting one so his grandchildren will have it. It's sad that most people are too engrossed in the present to look at the future. (WSJ)
  • A really interesting self-essay by QB Eric Ainge on his struggles with painkiller drugs and alcohol addictions. (ESPN)
  • Chana links to some fun upcoming Jewish events, including The First National Jewish Collegiate A Capella Competition.
  • Via his wife, Divrei Chaim with an interesting piece on Nadav and Avihu and what one of their sins was: Leaving women who wished to marry them as agunos because they felt they were above the women due to their status. Another chiddush, courtesy of R' Henoch Leibowitz zt"l, is an interesting mussar lesson - read the whole piece.

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  1. I am less than impressed with Sen. Rubio. I'm not sure why he thinks defaulting on our debt is more responsible than say, raising taxes. He talks about our 14 trillion dollar debt, and then talks up the House's plan to reduce discretionary spending by less than 1/14 of that, over the next ten years. So, that should help.

    To my way of seeing it, we owe a whole bunch of money. It should be paid back. Rubio's response seems to be, we should default on our loans, and stop buying things that liberals want. Apparently, if we default on our debt, everyone will be lining up to buy it. So, come on down PIMCO. He has proposed no cuts to defense spending, even though he implies that defense spending is a large part of the problem.

    What he wants to change is Social Security and Medicare, but not for people who currently care about it most, like his mother, who get to apparently ruin things for our generation, while we must sacrifice for the next generation. Then, he tries to take credit for being brave, even though he's out and out offering to bribe the political constituency most responsible for attacking social security and medicare reform plans (the elderly, including his mother).

    In short, he's incoherent.