Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why I Took A Bus Tonight

Why I Took A Bus Tonight Even Though My Destination Was A Five Minute Walk Away
by Yaacov Jacob

My family made Aliyah to Jerusalem a little over a month ago.
Living here during a bombing is definitely a scarier experience, then
being in the states and hearing about it. It really shakes you to
your core. I take the 74 almost everyday on my way to work. But
tonight I realized that I came to Jerusalem because I really wanted to
live here. I came because I'm willing to die here. I live here
because I, like everyone else in Israel are willing to fight for The
Land, for Torah and Judaism, for Hashem and his children.

Tonight I waited 15 minutes for a bus to come, not because I
didn't want to walk for five minutes, but because I needed to prove to
myself that I want to be here. I want to be here, and I don't intend
on leaving any time soon. As I got off the bus I went up to the
driver and said, "thank you for everything."
He looked at me with a sincere connecting stare and replied with
the exact same words, "thank you for everything."


  1. Kol Hakavod! He is right - living here and hearing about it are totally different experiences. So much has happened here in the 7 months since we have made Aliyah. But Jews belong here. This is our Homeland. And the best way to combat the terror is by filling our Land with Our People. All of you who are thinking about it...just do it already. We need you here more than ever! I sincerely will personally help you in any way I can. Ezzie can give you my contact info. You may have to "give up" on some of America's comforts..but it's worth it! Come Home!

  2. Nu EZ!!!!

    Your NY cousin - Yerushalaim