Monday, March 07, 2011

EZ Reads 3/7/11

There's actually a really nice spread of interesting news and pieces to start the week... enjoy!
  • A bit of self-promotion: I'm starting up the Jewish Economics Survey v.2.0 shortly, and could use some help.
  • R' Yitzchok Adlerstein at Cross-Currents with a strong piece in support of R' Horowitz's latest campaign against abuse.
    In a high-profile case now in progress, he anticipates a large showing in court from members of a closed community – on behalf of the accused. Understanding the impact that this will have on the victims (and victims in unrelated cases!), he urges at least a parallel show of support and concern for them. [...] (Dr. David Pelcowitz shared [...] that child welfare personnel [...] all ask him the same question: “Why is your community more concerned with protecting its image than protecting children?)
  • Valley Torah yeshiva high school in Los Angeles (a Chofetz Chaim affiliate), led by 6'9 Aaron Liberman, became the first Orthodox school to capture a basketball title. Congratulations! (HT: Josh)
  • The New York Times has a really fascinating series of graphs on measuring happiness across the country in all different ways; and the prototypical happiest man in the country is an observant Jew in Hawaii. Very funny story.
  • Bad4Shidduchim has one of her best (serious) posts, noting that people have no need to pity her for being 24 and single - she's quite fine.
  • On a semi-related note, this Doghouse cartoon on communication among spouses is hilarious... and accurate.
  • Speaking of hilarious, Improv Everywhere did an amazing King Philip IV signing at the Met.
  • A man in the UK who will soon be unable to speak is recording words so the computer that will speak for him can use his voice... when he reads to his son. Sad and heartwarming all at once.
  • Northern Light discusses the weekend article about food expiration dates not being all that bad of a sign - I'll admit to having gotten neurotic about milk, since we've had bad experiences even with milk that has a "good" date, but on most items I'm pretty lax and have never had an issue.

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