Monday, September 01, 2008

The Wisdom Of A Six Year Old

Oh gosh! There hasn't been a single post on here since Saturday night??? AHHHH - WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?????

Okay, okay. Breathe. I shall single-handedly save the blog from disappearing into oblivion! If Ezzie's too lazy to post, I'll just have to post myself! Oh - wait - Ezzie? Too lazy? Oh, that's normal. Okay. Everything's in order, then.

So, what hot topics would y'all like to read about? Hmmmm.

Oh, hey. The elections are coming up. I don't have too much to say about them because political debates are soooo not my forte, but, uh, I do remember certain important issues I've had in my life, depicted very well by this particular cartoon:

Hmmmm. What other issues do people discuss on big blogs (wow, this is a big blog and I am writing on it. Huh.)? Oh, I know. Is the JBlogosphere a community? Is it not? Shall we delve into the deep and complex nature of blogging? What is the essence of a blog? What qualifies one as a "blogger?"

Yeah...I got nothing on that. Besides, over-thinking is waaaay over-rated (ahem. right?). But this is generally how I feel about commenting:

Alright. Enough comics. I should be doing schoolwork. But hey, when a teacher emails you FIVE PAGES of analysis on how to write a ONE PAGE response paper, it's a little overwhelming! Ya know? I like the way Calvin deals with his assignments:

Pig Latin is definitely the way to go. :)

Hmmmmm....d'you think I'd get away with it if I wrote my one page response paper in Pig Latin? All in favor - ! Nah, never mind.

(But I still think it would be pretty funny)

(By the way, if you're still reading this thing and waiting for some sort of point/moral/nice satisfying ending that makes you feel like all is well with the world...I'm just letting you know now - there isn't one)

(Yeah, I stink at endings. This is the only ending you're gonna get.)


(Sometimes, when I write blog posts, I also talk to myself. Just something to keep in mind)


  1. Yeah, I was getting veeery nervous when I checked serandez over a few days and kept getting the same post. Weird.
    Anyway, erachet, congratulations on a well-timed (and amusing) post!

  2. ...Oy.

    The C&H comics redeemed the rest of this post. Baaarely. :)

  3. Hmph. Ezzie, you just do not appreciate greatness. So there.

  4. Iyay oodway elcomway ayeah aperpay ina Igpay Atinlay, asay onglay itay erway ittenray inay oodgay Nglishay. Ustjay onay ibberishgay eesplay!

  5. hooray for pointless posts!!!! long live ersomethingrather!!!!