Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Shall Live

If you haven't seen it yet, this video is emotion- and thought-provoking in time for Rosh Hashana; I haven't seen a video circulate so fast and so furiously in a while. I think I've received or seen this video well over a dozen times in the last couple of days, and figured it would be good to post very close to the Yomim Naoraim (Days of Awe - 10 days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur).

It's called Who Shall Live. (My sister-in-law SIL, who sent it to me first, warns not to watch around kids.)


  1. Very powerful but I shouldn't have watched it. I lost my son 2 months ago and this video made me cry all over again.


    In April,

    Come he will,

    In May,

    Sing all day,

    In June,

    Change his tune,

    In July,

    Prepare to fly,

    In August,

    Go he must!
    ~by maple story accounts

  3. Thanks, Ezzie. I apologize for posting it though--it's probably pretty depressing to have that on your blog. Please feel free to delete my comment.

  4. No - I think it's a great reminder to the rest of us to appreciate what we have and not take anything for granted. Thank you.

  5. Sorry to be able to accommodate you but I'm glad at least you got the right message from it. Ever since my son was diagnosed, I've wanted to scream it from the rooftops--people really don't realize what a bracha it is to have healthy children and it hurts so much to see it being taken for granted. After spending any months in hospitals and seeing all ofthe other children there, each one with a diffrernt story, I can assure you that illness and tragedy can happen to *anyone* in ways one would never fathom. Hug your kids every day and watch them closely--it's really a nes every day that they go to sleep healthy and well at night.

  6. Oops--*many* months, not any months

  7. Thank you, Anonymous.

    May you find comfort among the mourners of tzion and yerushalaim.

    May your son's memory be for a blessing.

  8. They also have a blog with interesting comments