Saturday, September 13, 2008

Best Lines From Shabbos (and Pre- and Post-Shabbos)

  • [Friday afternoon. SJ, Erachet, and ReCuz are on the bus to Chez SerandEz. Young man in button-down shirt and slacks sits nearby. Bus reaches stop, all rise to exit the bus. Man rises as SJ does.]
    Man (inches away from SJ's face): Would you laugh if I asked you to go out with me?
    SJ: Yes! [Exeunt]
  • Bas~Melech, Serach, Pobody, Erachet, SJ, ReCuz (to Ezzie): Wow, that sheitel looks really good on you.
  • Erachet: It's calming. It looks like milk.
    SJ: So when I need to calm you down I should just pour you a glass of milk to look at?
    Erachet: No, only illustrated milk.
  • Elianna: Mummy! Crumpets!
  • Erachet (accusingly): Ezzie, I thought you were going to close your computer to save the battery.
    Ezzie: [stares at Erachet quizzically]
    Computer: {shut down music}
    Erachet: Oh.
  • [All playing Boggle]
    Erachet: Aww! There was almost such a cool word. I hate it when the board spells things wrong.


  1. one day, im going to come to ur house for shabbos and say something funny and ur going to qoute me on ur blog.

    that is my life goal.

  2. There were so many more. Pity we can't blog on Shabbos.

    (While playing Boggle)
    Bas~Melech: Oh, look! I'm beating SJ! {gloats}
    Someone: Um, she didn't add her score for this round yet.
    SJ: {adds about 20 tally marks}

  3. ezzie doesnt have enough room on the blog to post all the funny things i'd say.

    that's why i've turned down approximately 28 invitations for shabbos.

  4. What Does Little Birdie Say?


    What does little birdie say,

    In her nest at peep of day?

    Let me fly, says little birdie,

    Mother, let me fly away,

    Birdie, rest a little longer,

    Till the little wings are stronger.

    So she rests a little longer,

    Then she flies away.


    What does little baby say,

    In her bed at peep of day?

    Baby says, like little birdie,

    Let me rise and fly away.

    Baby, sleep a little longer,

    Till the little limbs are stronger.

    If she sleeps a little longer,

    Baby too shall fly away.

    -----by runescape gold

  5. Ok, so who's British there? Eety01- you and me together. :)

  6. Pinkbeard Nosock (a.k.a. Kaila). She's not British yet, but if all goes as planned, she will be someday soon ;-)