Monday, September 15, 2008

When Tznius Isn't...

...with the above term being all the rage I was relieved to find that there are still some who have not lost the true meaning of the word.


"Many people have a "dress-code" notion of tznius. Yes, it is true that tznius involves wearing modest attire. However, the essence of tznius (according to my understanding) is to not be concerned with one's image, but to be concerned about what is true and what is good, but Ms. B. seems to be very concerned with her image. In other words, Ms. B. wears tznius clothing, but she seems to be lacking in spiritual tznius.
Take another look at her profile and note how much she speaks about her own image. She mentions her commitment to tzius many times. Her adherence to tznius has, itself, become a violation of the whole idea of tznius. She has made tznius into a uniform which she proudly wears and says, "Look at how tznua I am!" In my mind, a girl who cares this much about her frum image is not too different than a girl who is obssessed with her physical beauty. Let's put it this way: if there were a Frum, tznius "Vogue" magazine, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ms. B. were a subscriber."


  1. Eh.. Maybe I shouldn't be saying this but I'm Anonymous over there. :)

  2. And let's not forget Oz VeHadar Levusha..