Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hey! Let's Argue!!!...


Cross-Currents -- Talking Seriously About Chareidi Poverty

Hirhurim -- Relying on Heaven for Life's Needs

The Wolf -- Perhaps a Job Would Help

One Above/Seven Below -- Your Answer Is Not an Answer

Jump on in...the water's warm, fully chummed and already teeming with sharks of every variety. Don't Miss Out!

Some more straight talk...MOchassid


  1. I'm assuming my comment at CC will be censored, so I'll say it here, too. There's another blindingly obvious solution they didn't mention: BIRTH CONTROL.

  2. JA - Without getting into that debate, I don't think that would work as a solution. Not only do the extra children get them more money (while the cost per each additional child decreases, the benefits increase), and do children often help cut other costs, even those with few children are not making ends meet and living in increasing poverty. Moreover, that would be a fix that wouldn't see fruit until much later if it DID work, whereas working would work (ha) both now AND later.

  3. Right, obviously, birth control is more of a long-term solution, and I'm certainly in favor of people who need the money working instead of learning. But it is probably a cause of much of this povery. Causation runs both ways on the poverty-fertility correlation.

  4. True, but more on the economic side.

    Ever watch the Rosling videos on Great stuff. Caveat - you have to understand economics. :P (kidding, kidding...)

  5. off topic, but you have to watch this short video.

  6. I've watched a lot of the TED talks, but not that one. Will watch. And if you knew anything about economics, you would have given up on Republicans sometime this decade. :-)

  7. JA - Maybe I would if there were a viable alternative. Unfortunately, I've yet to find one. :)

  8. If the Dems win, the Republicans might actually rediscover fiscal responsibility in order to try to get back into power. Worth a shot? :)

  9. Might try reading "By the Sweat of Your Brow: Reflections on Work and the WorkPlace in Classic Jewish Thought"
    David J. Schnall

    His work makes you wonder where present hareidi attitudes towards work came from.