Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Via Josh Lintz, ShulLists a great site which condenses the posts from many of the various tri-state area shul listings (TeaneckShuls, FiveTownShuls, KGHShuls, etc.) and puts them all in one, organized place. This is really useful for people who know what they're looking for and is a lot easier to skim through, and can be sorted by area as well as type. All in all, very nice and very useful.

From their About Us page:
Shullists was created in 2011 with the aim of providing a consolidated and simplified inbox of shul and community message boards in order to facilitate the wider spread of information in the Jewish community. Some of our services include:
-Numerous flexible search capabilities
-Posts can be consolidated by subject matter across multiple geographic locations
-Live Twitter feed with hash tags to follow sources of interest in real time.
-A facebook profile you can choose to "friend"
-Privacy settings that prevent personal data from being scraped by web marketers or search engines
We have attempted to maximize ease of use for the benefit of our users. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our services, we would love to hear from you. If you have a bulletin board you would like us to add to this service, we would also be interested to hear about it. Please feel free to contact us.
The Shullists Administrators


  1. where's jprov? OOT doesn't count?

  2. Stam - I'd assume it's not particularly useful that way. These shul lists are from places within a short distance from one another, and people in Providence won't find it too useful to have the other communities' clutter there, and would just go to jprov.

    But a cool feature would be transportation to/from different cities that pulled every one in. :)

  3. Note- it is a yahoo group just like the others. It shows up as shulists

  4. shulLists founder:
    All suggestions/comments/questions can be sent to we have not yet released it to the wild, but all feedback is appreciated!!

  5. ezzie- i was really just teasing, that NYers think they are *the* entire jewish world. there are communities out in the wilderness too!

    shullists- i'll send you an email

  6. To all Out of towners lol no need to be insulted we will get to you :-D we are starting off local we WILL IMY"H branch out, we are just starting with what we know/knew. I will place in the about us page a note for all suggested groups to follow

  7. Not to shamelessly over advertise but we have now incorporated jprov as well as many many many "out of town" cities/locations read: Johannesburg south Africa and no I was unaware that Jews existed there either.