Monday, February 21, 2011

EZ Reads 2/21/11

Happy Presidents' Day!
  • RafiG discusses R' Ginzberg's piece in the 5TJT on blog commenters and in particular on anonymity. I've long felt that while there's a purpose and reason in rare cases for someone to be anonymous, we'd all be better off if people decloaked and stood behind their statements. Anonymous commenting allows people to say things that not only would they not be comfortable saying under their name, but things they simply shouldn't be saying.
  • Via Neil Harris, this Aish video is quite good. I like the subtitle: The only failure is not trying.
  • Batya talks about the NCSY Ben Zakkai Dinner, where Serach's aunt and uncle David & Vivian Luchins were honored along with old family friends Zeev and Rivka Leff.
  • 10 good tips for Microsoft Word (Gizmodo). I'll admit to only knowing 3-4 of these beforehand.
  • How to complain to get what you want (Lifehacker). I've always found that coming in prepared is the key; when you have all the data and just coolly explain what the issue is, you'll usually get a positive response, though usually you'll have to ask for a supervisor. Note that the first person is almost always there to take your info and try to convince you you're wrong, and has no clue or ability to help, so just ask for their supervisor calmly and explain the issue to them.
  • Here's links to starting your own society, with the basics of everything. Pretty cool. It's intended for third world countries to assist them in developing rapidly.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. They showed the movie made for the NY Ben Zakkai Dinner, and I got a kick out of seeing your in-laws. I haven't seen them for a very long time.