Wednesday, February 09, 2011

EZ Reads 2/9/11

I'm in the process of writing a few posts (some in my head), but meanwhile, here are some good and/or important pieces out there:
  • R' Yanky Horowitz and R' Avraham Mifsud are giving a teleconference tomorrow evening at 9:30pm EST on Safe and Secure: Keeping Your Children Protected From Pedophiles. You can e-mail questions in advance by 6:00pm tomorrow as well. The information is on R' Horowitz's site, here.
  • Jameel tells us of an Israeli organization dedicated to helping Israel's homeless which is currently running fourth in the Dell Social Innovation competition ($50,000 award). They could use your vote to stay in the running (top ten move on, top one receives $1,000 automatically).
  • Irina has joined the Samaritans of NYC, which has a major event coming up. They are the city's only 24-hour suicide prevention hotline for 25+ years, and fielded 69,000+ calls last year.
  • R' Avi Shafran has an excellent piece on Cross-Currents about... well, Jews. Favorite quote:
    And the late Tony Judt’s: “I participate in no Jewish community life, nor do I practice Jewish rituals… I am not a ‘lapsed’ Jew, having never conformed to requirements in the first place. I don’t ‘love Israel’… But whenever anyone asks me whether or not I am Jewish, I unhesitatingly respond in the affirmative and would be ashamed to do otherwise.”

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