Monday, February 14, 2011

EZ Reads 2/14/11

There's a reason I'm mostly putting up links for now, and not yet writing; hopefully that will be able to be made more clear soon enough. Meanwhile, here are some interesting and enjoyable links for today - many of which are flying all over on Facebook, et al:
  • The NYTimes had a nice piece on the YU Seforim sale - the schedule of which is on Josh's Parshablog here.
  • The Wall Street Journal discusses the possibility of seeing a Walmart in New York City in the near future. The most fascinating part to me was the first line:
    Last year, New York City residents spent $196 million at Wal-Mart... That's a pretty remarkable sum, given that there isn't a single Wal-Mart in New York City.
    No kidding.
  • A video on what the OU does that I've been meaning to link to for a while. Well done.
  • Ariella of Kallah Magazine has an interesting piece on Examiner about how GroupOn's handling of the negative reaction to their Super Bowl (and other) ad(s) is both impressive and a good lesson for marriages.
  • RafiG with a clip about the first African-American in the Israeli Army. The history of how he ended up there is what I found most interesting. 
  • The HuffPo has a great breakdown on the potential NFL lockout and how that all came to be and how it works, and what options are available to each side. It's fascinating in terms of how one thinks about business, freedom, entertainment, and how those all intersect and interact with one another.
  • A hilarious Family Feud clip on "something that gets passed around."

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  1. I'm trying to start a wiki article on the first african american Israeli soldier, please help.