Tuesday, February 15, 2011

EZ Reads 2/15/11

It's nice to actually be writing again; while I appreciate the off-blog commentary, please feel free to comment on the posts themselves so others can read your comments and opinions as well. Meanwhile, here's a few more good reads as I am almost done clearing out my Google Reader:
  • As many of you have likely heard, it appears another possible find has been made of Coca-Cola's famous recipe. What Gizmodo points out, however, is super interesting:
    Truth be told though, it's impossible to fully replicate Coke's recipe because there's one ingredient only Coca-Cola can get: fluid extract of coca (which is coca leaves stripped of cocaine). Only one factory can process those leaves and only Coca-Cola has a special deal with the DEA that allows them to use it. 
  • Here comes inflation! (Hattip: ShanaMaidel) 
  • Chai Lifeline is awesome, in case you weren't sure. 
  • I'd meant to include this in yesterday's post on Hemorrhaging Orthodoxy, but neglected to; Cross-Currents had a piece last month Orthodoxy Growing, Others Imploding which suggests that there is at least some positive hope for Orthodoxy - though Judaism as a whole is suffering. Today, Harry Maryles followed up on my post in a similar fashion to the Cross-Currents post in The Future of Denominational Judaism.


  1. Just waiting for the day you come back. :)

  2. Then all we'll need is CWY and it'll be 2007 all over again.

  3. The future of Orthodoxy is in Israel, where the education can be affordable.

  4. Nephtuli - Yup! :)

    Anon - I wouldn't disagree; but I think that Orthodoxy in the US isn't disappearing too fast.