Monday, October 08, 2007

SerandEz Return to Chaos

After a wonderful Yom Tov in Cleveland and Los Angeles, we've come back to an apartment that - rather than be nice and homey with a brand-new kitchen floor, instead has half of the kitchen in the living room, large pieces of wood spread across things, and an old kitchen floor on half the floor and NO floor on the other half of the kitchen. And no working oven, dishwasher, washer, dryer... etc. Wonderful. And of course, nowhere for Elianna to move or play. Argh.


  1. Elianna can come play with me. Duh!

  2. Oh dear.

    May your apartment return to normal (or at least, Serandez standard of normal) b'mheirah b'yameinu!

    And I'll second Diana's offer!

  3. and ofcourse you did not bother to mention coming over my home...where the kitchen was exactly where it should be.

  4. maybe (bli ayan hara) cleveland can clinch early and take some stress off your mind for a day

  5. trade ya my mouse for no kitchen floor.

  6. Generally a husband are much calmer than a wife when their house is upside down because the house is closer to wife's heart and she usually decide the mood of the house, she is foundation of the house so when a house is upside down she will be frazzled bc it is not according to her desirable mood of the house. A husband usually don't invovled in household as much as wife so they tended to be much calmer than wife so please help your wife's mood to be stable, i saw a couple women wents nut when the house was being renovated.

    By the way, i heard from people that if a wife works and take care of the house and a husband works but didn't really do much work as wife then wife is the boss. If a wife don't works and a husband works then a husband control the house. If a husband and wife works and both take cares the house equally then they both share the house. What is your opinion about this? I am not talking about maternity leave so please erase that phase of the life then apply to all the other of marriage lives.

  7. additionally, apparently the upstairs neighbors just defrosted a freezer. i was told that, and i quote, "our chandelier is pishing."

    a mouse AND a flood, i think we might win.

  8. large pieces of wood spread across things... NO floor... And no working oven, dishwasher, washer, dryer... etc. nowhere for Elianna to move or play.

    Sounds like a succah!

  9. oy vey...and how much company are you going to have this Shabbas? ;)

  10. Diana, SJ - :)

    SJ - LOL "SerandEz standard of normal"

    HH - Hey, I didn't write about LA yet!

    TNSPR - Eh. For us, this is normal.

    SE - Amen, and apparently, ken y'hi ratzon! Wahoo!

    SlugGirl - A pishing chandelier? That just sounds cool. Mouse? Less cool. But we get those at work sometimes, apparently. (That's when all the women are standing on chairs.)

    David - LOL. But the sukkos we were in had room!

    S&S - Yeah, you should see how crazy Serach was! :P But don't worry, it's all good. Generally Serach and I are opposites (WAY opposites) in levels of calm.

    I hear that to an extent; but since we both do stuff like cook, take care of Elianna, shop, etc. we're pretty even.

  11. SaraK - Hehe. We'll see! :D Interested?

  12. Oy. How frustrating. Hope you can get everything back to normal soon.

    (I thought I posted a comment on this earlier, but clearly I didn't. Hmm. Ah well.)

  13. I'm going to Baltimore for Shabbas, but thanks! Hope to catch up with you guys in the next few weeks.