Monday, October 29, 2007

Annoying Day at Work

The internet has been down here for most of the day, which has been annoying and made it difficult to do most of the stuff we need to do here. Of course, that doesn't compare with this compilation (some of which I've seen before), via Jacob Da Jew:

Awesome. Anyway, important PSA for everyone: David Linn of BeyondBT and Temunot is helping again to run the Achdus auction which services two schools in our area; he has some details here. He's going to be posting about a couple of the prizes, and I thought this one was awesome - naming a flavor at Max 'n Mina's after you. I've been joking around with my friends at the pretzel place that they should name my strawberry-pineapple smoothie the SerandEz, to no avail. Maybe this is my shot! :) It's a great cause - please contact David about it.


  1. Wow. I know this is crazy, but all i could think about was how much money was coming out of their paychecks. Still, it was great.

  2. David - M'pleas.

    CftPG - Wow, you commented!! I'm flattered!

  3. Now I'm on the map if Ezzie gave me link. Thanks dude.