Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Funny Shirts

While we're doing public service announcements, please feel free to check out my dear wife Serach's website, And if you're looking for a funny shirt to go with that new tichel after you've slimmed down, check out DAG's site - I really like a lot of these.

NOTE: While obviously Serach making sales is important to me, I'm just posting about the other sites as favors for friends and family. I'm not being paid to advertise for them. For ads I'm being paid for, feel free to check out the WebAds box above this for good ads. :)


  1. I checked out the website for the shirts, and the one shirt about the best guy in Lakewood had me in tears it was so funny. Of course, it was only funny because of how true it probably is! LOL

  2. thanks for the link...ill get some more up in a few weeks :-)