Monday, October 29, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 10/29: All Around

A number of interesting posts out there worth reading:
  • 7) Ezer has a list of the 10 Plagues of Cleveland Sports.
  • 6) R' Ally wonders about the forgotten favors people do, and how we recognize those. A great point and message.
  • 5-4) WestBankMama asks about people's stories with NCSY; Chana follows up and asks what people did, what they thought, etc.
  • 3) Sephardi Lady notes and comments on a great letter about debt in the Yated.
  • 2) R' Gil discusses whether college newspapers are a waste of time, then segues into an interesting discussion about how YU helps students respect other viewpoints.
  • 1) JoeSettler has a fascinating analysis of how murders by Palestinians terrorists directly correlate to how much money the PA received in the year prior (I think it's actually a few months, but okay). Oy.
Check it out.

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