Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pilots, Commandos, and GPS

I enjoyed this story at SoccerDad and this commercial at LOR. Heh.

There's a fascinating story about a daring Israeli commando raid 35 years ago in the Jerusalem Post.

The Sabena plane had been hijacked by Black September, a PLO splinter group, after leaving Vienna, where it had stopped on a flight from Brussels to Tel Aviv.

Levy was ordered to fly the plane to Tel Aviv, where the gunmen offered to free the passengers in exchange for 100 Arab prisoners held by Israel.

At the airport, commandos deflated the aircraft's tires, and then, posing as maintenance staff, they burst onto the plane and rescued the hostages after a brief gun fight.

Two male hijackers were killed and their two female companions were captured.

At the end of the ordeal, the pilot, Levy, placed his cap on the head of one of the commandos who stormed the plane but didn't remember which one. When he returned without his cap, Sabena made him pay for a new one!


  1. How mysterious that your baseball coverage is suddenly MIA....hmmmmm.

  2. **eerie music playing**in voice of The Count**
    Yeeeeees, veeeeeeeeeeery mysterious Ezzie.
    Why, why would you stop writing about baseball after the team that you follow has been eliminated, I can't imagine. It's almost like you only post about sports when it pertains to you, how...odd. How strangely...personal.