Monday, October 22, 2007

No More Couch Potatoes

Calling all women! If anyone is interested in hiring a personal trainer my sister in law is great! Certified by ACE, she has had a great success rate with her clients and she is a lot of fun, too! She is available in all 5 boroughs and Long Island for in house sessions (although the Queens area would have the most availablilty for scheduling).
Feel free to visit her website for contact information and more!

Have a great day!!


  1. For those who know either of us, this is going to cause SO much confusion as to who is related whom.

    [And was that correct whom usage? Testing all English majors...!]

  2. Er, NO IT IS NOT!

    It should say "as to who is related TO whom." You wrote "as to who is related whom."

    Also, waaaaay too many pronouns in that sentence. Who is "us"? You and Serach? Or you and ipay? Note how it makes a difference!


    You asked for it! :D

  3. cough :::NERD::: cough


    I forgot the "to", geez! But I got the who/whom right!

    The "us" is myself and iPay.

  4. maybe it's worthwhile for your sis in law to advertise on hirhurim in addition to the advertising here?

    (I am not related to Gil or otherwise a beneficiary!)

  5. I am far too lazy to use a personal trainer, but having a woman, who will come to your home, is really a great idea.

    Best of luck.

  6. cough :::NERD::: cough

    And proud of it!