Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 10/18: Jewish Community Issues

There are a number of good posts out there, particularly by some of my favorite blogs, so here goes:
  • Sephardi Lady comments on the letters to the editor regarding debt in the Jewish community. This has been a very important series of posts (and see the comments) at Orthonomics, so please check it out.
  • R' Gil writes on Hirhurim that according to R' H. Schachter, prospective doctors must find a way to keep Shabbos while doing their residencies.
  • MoChassid's new CD is out. UPDATE: LoR has one of the songs if you want to hear a bit.
  • Orthomom questions whether a recent case doesn't properly accommodate a Messianic Jew who doesn't wish to work on the Sabbath.
  • Wolf asks if we really want to force our kids to keep the mitzvos, discussing yet another excellent piece by R' Horowitz.
  • Speaking of R' Horowitz, BeyondBT reposted an excellent article originally on his site about Adults at Risk.
  • Shira recaps the Karduner concert that Matisyahu joined him onstage at.
  • My mother sent me this hilarious piece from Andy Jordan at the WSJ, in which he checks out the new chat features that allow people to try and shmooze it up on planes. Maybe this is a great way to solve the "shidduch crisis"!
  • Finally, Jason Whitlock - one of the best sportswriters in the country - notes
    "African-American football players caught up in the rebellion and buffoonery of hip hop culture have given NFL owners and coaches a justifiable reason to whiten their rosters. That will be the legacy left by Chad, Larry and Tank Johnson, Pacman Jones, Terrell Owens, Michael Vick and all the other football bojanglers."
    He goes on to discuss how the best teams have the "whitest" rosters, and basically rips into black athletes for acting improperly, rebelling against coaches, and the like. It's a very interesting piece.
Check it out.

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