Sunday, October 28, 2007

Holy Trinity

This is freaking incredible. I've never seen anything like it.

Division III's Trinity laterals 14 times in one play with 2 seconds left in the game to beat Millsaps. Wow.


  1. the announcer is what makes it, just pure raw emotion

  2. Holy Smokes!!!!

    I played that clip again for Da Wife who is a football fan too.

    Wow. That is some footwork!

  3. I think my mouth was dropped the whole time. LOL

    What a cool video.

  4. I think no. 50 (defense/blue) dies about halfway througt clip, not sure from fatigue or embarassment.

  5. This is even better than the Cal-Standford play for a few reasons:
    This play doesn't seem to have any violations, as the Cal-Stanford play did about 2 or 3 times with a 'forward' lateral and a knee already on the ground.
    No band on the field for the other team to complain about.
    Special Ed - The announcer was just plagirising the play call from the Cal-Standford play. I guess thats why he's not a professional.
    Ezzie, no posts on the Sawx winning it all? Just one more win for Clev and they would have their rings! Must be annoying, huh?

  6. Argh. My comment didn't post from when it was down...

    SE - Seriously. I loved it.

    JdJ, Jack, HaKiruv - Yep.

    G - Right? I thought it was like watching a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Everyone is just standing close to a guy, trying to make sure he doesn't catch it, hoping someone else will make the tackle.

    Rea - Agreed on the better. Disagree on the stealing the call; he probably just said whatever was in his head. Could be he's affected by that call, though. He's also probably a college student.

    And shut up. :)