Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Straight from the horse's mouth

[Ezzie: I was not intending on posting today, but I was so sickened by this that I felt I had to put it in.]
I have to give Achmed Qureia credit for his straightforwardness.

Palestinian leaders have vowed to maintain law and order after the Israeli pullout. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia and other Palestinian leaders began a campaign to clean up Gaza's streets under the slogan, "Gaza Clean and Beautiful."

Qureia wore a T-shirt saying, "Today Gaza. Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem."

Sick. Tomorrow's shirt probably says: "Today Jerusalem. Next week Tel Aviv and Haifa."
This theme is what the citizens of the world must realize: The Palestinians are not interested in Gaza or the West Bank, and never have been. They view these as stepping stones to the eradication of Israel (and the Jews) from this world. Nothing less will satisfy them. People must wake up and understand that terrorism is not about [pick one or more:] Israel, "occupied" territories, profiling, Iraq, US foreign policy, etc. Rather, terrorism and the fight against it are a battle of civilization against those who are trying to destroy it. Until people recognize this, terrorism will not and cannot be defeated.


  1. It is so interesting that many will argue that terrorism is caused by the occupation of Iraq, or any number of other events. Essentially, terrorists are simply responding to the actions of others. Certainly, their actions are condemnable, but the genesis of their anger is really our own fault.

    This perspective, though, badly distorts the historical fact that terrorism has existed in one form or another long before any of the named catalysts. Terrorism is exactly what you call it: Hate for the sole purpose of hate, destruction for the sole purpose of eradication. There is nothing that can be done to appease or pacify this type of hate.

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