Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Being Linked

Much as in the physical world, being linked to or by others is oddly satisfying. I was perusing Soccer Dad this morning, and lo and behold!
New blogger SerandEz writes about media bias and quotes an eminent greybeard - OK I'm not eminent and my beard isn't grey .... yet - Soccer Dad to prove a point.
It's also nice to be the new kid on the block. While I found much on my own, many have offered advice and tips on how to get SerandEz to reach more people (leading to my joining of JRants, JewishBlogging, and the TTLB EcoSystem; posting more often), or little bits of etiquette I had been wondering about (BlogRolls often include bloggers people hate; when a hat tip is applicable [found on my own - but wouldn't have had I not been directed to Orthomom]).
It proved wise to set the blog up and get used to it over the summer. Continuing through my final semester in college and the segway into the accounting world will hopefully not be too difficult...