Thursday, August 11, 2005

Last night at the Kotel

LittleGreenFootballs links to some amazing pictures from the anti-disengagement prayers at the Western Wall yesterday evening. They're quite breathtaking. Apparently, 100,000 people were there, along with another 100,000+ estimated that were stuck in other areas of the Old City trying to get there, plus possibly more trying to get into the Old City. [Note: The Old City of Jerusalem is just a couple square miles, and filled with houses, buildings, and narrow alleyways.] From what I understand there was no more room to let people near the Wall, and the police were forced to close the Gates into the Old City - explaining those who were stuck within the couple mile radius. Some of the people who commented there linked to more pictures - they're worth checking out.
Massive prayer rally at the Western Wall on Wednesday night - well over 100,000 people attended.

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