Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hevel Hevalim #34

“Hevel Hevalim,” ”Vanity of Vanities” is the Jewish-Israeli blogging carnival consisting of posts from blogs all over the world. It’s hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Soccer Dad. The term “Hevel Hevalim” is from Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, which was written by King Solomon, who built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other “excesses” and realized that it was nothing but norishkeit, “hevel” or in English “vanities.”
This week's Hevel Hevalim is hosted by an Israeli blog titled me-ander, and is excellent. It covers topics ranging from this week's Parshat HaShavua, a number of Post-Disengagement posts, and Aliyah, to Michael Graham, socks, and head coverings. It also includes two posts from SerandEz, which I truly appreciate. It's very interesting and presents a wonderful range of bloggers and their ideas. Check it out.

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