Sunday, August 21, 2005

Realized the glitch

Sorry to anyone who has had problems reading SerandEz lately.
[Ezzie: This is a boring technical post. Sorry - just wanted to explain what happened, and that there shouldn't be any more problems of this sort.]
I don't know how many others had this problem, but I did... When using Firefox as my browser, I noticed that my posts were either being shown in full; missing small parts; or both. On IE this didn't seem to be a problem as often. I finally realized that when I put in the code that puts only the first portion of the post on the main page, if it was in middle of a quote the code confused itself; cutting off parts of paragraphs while leaving the whole post on the homepage. To any other bloggers using Firefox (or even not): Don't put the fullpost code in the middle of a blockquote, or Firefox, and some IE users, might not be able to read the post properly.
Oh - and yes, I am becoming more and more impressed with Firefox over IE, despite this glitch.


  1. I stopped using firefox, partially because it was impossible to blog with it. It would take hours for the posts to be seen and problems with colors and templates.

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  3. I haven't had those problems... I have noticed that on Macs my blog looks differently, but that was in IE.