Thursday, August 11, 2005

Jewish Blogs

The link above just happens to be the one from which I began finding many other Jewish blogs. It's not the best or most comprehensive list, however.
It was extremely interesting surfing the blogosphere reading some of the blogs. A couple of my favorites, primarily because of how well they were written and what they brought to the table: BlogHead, SoccerDad (which I found through BlogHead), and SweetRose. There are more, but as the list can go on and on, I thought these were important. SweetRose I just found interesting because of some well written posts (the 'favorites' on the bottom right). BlogHead, and really SoccerDad, seem to have a firm grasp on the best Jewish blogs out there - and take the best posts and put the links together in one place [BlogHead; SoccerDad]. There are many other good blogs out there - go out and find ones you enjoy!


  1. Wow - thanks! Looking forward to reading more of your posts as well.

  2. of course, if you are looking for Jewish blogs, then you should be visiting

  3. Thanks anon - I received the same suggestion elsewhere, and am now listed myself as well.