Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Back from Atlantic City

SerandEz was on break the past day or so as we went to a friend's birthday party Sunday evening in midtown Manhattan, then slept at friends in Staten Island. We then went with those friends Monday morning to Atlantic City, where we had a great time losing about $200.
We really had a lot of fun, as our guides, Josh & Steph [or is it Stef?] took us to a few casinos, with the best - the Borgata - saved for last. Josh's friend Jeremy, a Brit who interned for Senator Lieberman this summer, added some comic relief. Ser quickly became addicted to slots, while Josh blew his and Steph's money on Caribbean and Bonus Hold 'Em Poker. I did okay in a Hold 'Em Room at the Resort, only splitting a large pot after the river put a trip on the board, blowing my higher 2 pair, and then getting called out and losing $20. At the Borgata, I blew $100 in just minutes on Bonus Hold 'Em while sitting next to Josh, whose advice helped to delay my downfall, and then went down to their really nice poker room. I was waiting for a $2/$4 limit table, but a $1/$2 No Limit opened up. On about the third hand, my hole cards were A/4 off-suit. A 3-5-6 flop [2 clubs] put me in excellent position, and when the man before me bet $40, I called all-in with $39. Two people after me called, making the pot I could win about $180. On the turn, a Jack of clubs, the first guy bet about $75 more, and the other two folded, giving him the sidepot and putting us against each other for the $180. As he showed his cards, he said "You've got me beat, I just wanted to get them out", and showed a Q-8 off suit against my high Ace. As he finished his sentence, the dealer flipped over the river - and the man cut himself off and said, "Oh! Maybe not!" as another Queen fell, knocking me out.
Argh! It's pretty easy to see how people get addicted, with the bad beats and little wins always bringing that ray of hope that 'this time I'm going to get it.' But as long as you set limits, and keep to them, gambling can be good, fun, exciting entertainment. Also, remember to go with friends - the best part (as with most things in life) is being able to share it with others. Josh & Steph are lots of fun (Jeremy too) and that made the day a good one, even if we're a couple hundred dollars poorer.

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