Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Blogs, blogs, everywhere... 2nd edition

[Note: To many, this will seem trivial. To others, extremely important. I could understand both sides, but as I personally fall into the latter category, I decided to write about it.]

I have recently been debating a (to me) important dilemma. There are blogs which I have started reading on a somewhat consistent basis, but I disagree with much of what is said - and, more worryingly, the way in which it is presented. As opposed to the InterGalacticJester, some of these make blanket, biased statements, which can easily misrepresent an issue. While these are perfectly fine things to do on a blog, I wanted to link to some - but I felt uncomfortable linking to them from my own, as if it is some type of endorsement of their views which I do not intend. I felt this was different than linking to other blogs, even though I disagree on occasion, because these new blogs I either disagreed with more often or I did not like the way in which things were represented. However, there were issues where the issue was presented properly and I wholeheartedly agreed with the conclusions of the blogger, and felt I should have a link to the blogs for that reason.
Sof sof (in the end), I have decided to add the blogs. At first, I was going to put them into a different category than ones I agree with more often. At some point, I still may do this, especially as my Blogroll increases in size. But for now, I decided to place all of them in one list. Trying to weigh the merits of one blog, who I agree with for one reason and not another, (say politically but not religiously), and another who I agree with the opposite, is very tricky. Moral equivalencies are difficult to make at any time, and especially when there are a number of them factoring against each other. In addition, I realized that ones which I like could be perceived by others as biased or misrepesentative of issues as well - though I firmly believe that this is not the case with the ones I linked to until now.
Finally, I must state that although I am, at this moment, only adding Orthomom and DovBear, my concerns were actually about DovBear (and yes, DB, you can add this to your sidebar): DovBear has a tendency to say things that are misrepresentative and biased, but at the same time does back up much (well, some) of what he says. While I disagree with most of what he says, he often posts items which I could not have said any (well, much) better. He's a flaky moderate leftist with burts of right-wing straight-thinking, and does an excellent critique of many problems in the Orthodox Jewish world. [Orthomom does it better.] At the same time, he argues well in his comments (the true blood of his blog), though there's still a strong bias to the left that takes a while to break through. So, as much as I may disagree with him, he's still (kinda) worth reading - and now it's to your left. [Edit: That really was not an intended pun, but when I read it over, I laughed. Okay?]
It's interesting to see the little cliques that form online - groups of people who all read each other's blogs, with a few bonus readers to each thrown in. From these cliques I have to wade through and find which I like. More blogs will iyH be added in the coming weeks, as I navigate the circles of the blogosphere. Enjoy!

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