Sunday, May 07, 2006

More Swastikas On The Walls

Fun, fun. Just a few days after the last incident was painted over, right above the mailboxes when you walk in are more swastikas - this time with a message:
"Muslims Rule"
Which, of course, makes it more confusing. It's hard to believe that the Muslims would actually be stupid enough to write "Muslims Rule"; unless of course, that's the point: "It can't be us, we wouldn't be that dumb." On the other hand, this one is written higher up, and doesn't look to be by kids necessarily. It's also strange - the swastikas aren't 'full'. Normally it's two S's on top of each other; in this case, the top line of each S is missing, almost as if someone didn't really want to draw it.

Regardless, it's sick.